All over the world a Tribe in Transition is emerging. We are of all ages, nationalities, races, colours of skin and walks of life.  We are on a conscious, spiritual path, awakening to new dimensions of consciousness, creativity and culture.

I have made a series of videos exploring some of the values which, I believe, are shared by those of us who are becoming Whole New Humans co-creating a Whole New World.

This is a work in progress and I will be adding more over the coming months. I hope you enjoy them.



The mission of Tribe in Transition is to provide resources to support the challenging transition from the old paradigm mindset of separation and  “power over” to the new realisation that all life is interconnected and interdependent, and the only way we can truly prosper is through collaboration and co-creation.


  1. Choosing to Trust

The transition from the old paradigm world to the new requires a radical shift in consciousness which moves us from separation, struggle and effort to belonging, wholeness and flow.  As we join this new movement of life we co-create a more humane, compassionate, creative and free world. We see our inevitable challenges as part of this bigger picture and choose to trust.


2. Life is an Adventure  

When we approach life as an adventure we adopt an attitude of curiosity and experimentation and learn to balance intention and focus with non attachment to outcomes. In this way we stay open to all the information, intelligence and feedback life constantly offers us and we become more empowered creators.


3.  The Skills of Transformation

A central part of the work of Tribe in Transition is providing forums where we can come together for conversation to explore and discover a common language and shared meanings for these experiences we may call transformation or soul work. I define transformation here as a creative act – bringing something new into form, or bringing our creative inspirations into an integrated, conscious form.  As we make the choice to align with our highest values, with what is most true, and commit to our soul work, everything in us which is not yet aligned with that arises to be transformed.


4. The Authentic Path:

When we choose to align with our highest truth and our authentic power we find our connection with the rest of humanity, with nature and with cosmos. The more truly we express the authentic self, the more we connect. And then we have no other choice but to serve that connection.  The authentic path teaches us how to live in alignment with what is most true, most whole and most creative.


5. The Soul Journey  

The soul journey is the process through which we bring the unconscious parts of our human nature into consciousness, so that more of our power and resources are available to us in daily life. The more of our human nature that is conscious, the freer we are to make creative choices and to direct our lives in alignment with those choices so that we become creative beings who have the potential to change the world for the good of all. The soul journey is unique to each individual and yet there are common themes; here i share some of my own experiences in the hope they will throw light on your own.



6. The Process of Healing and Wholing: 

The number one value of the soul is to  experience and express our wholeness. For much of the time in daily life our wholeness is obscured. Healing is the process by which we come to be connected to our wholeness  more of the time. The key is to experience all aspects of ourselves, including all those parts that have been exiled and suppressed. Through the healing journey we liberate ourselves from deep conditioning that has limited not only our own life expression but has also has kept humanity captive over centuries.


7. Becoming and empowered and conscious creator: 

At its best the creative process enables us to connect with all our inner resources, with each other, and with the inspirational power of the universe.  There are many skills to be developed, one of the most is to maintain an attitude of discovery , experimentation and play.


This is a work in progress and there will be more videos to come. Meanwhile you may enjoy these blog posts, audios and e-books:

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Here are two of the more than 100 recorded conversations I’ve held with “ordinary extraordinary” people who arechanging the world by living their passion:


Being New Culture Makers

The first is with Martine Bouillir, in March 2015, from a series called Earth Wisdom Action when we were both living in Golden Bay, NZ and it focuses on the skills we need to bring our visions into form. Its a good example of how the local and global, individual and collective, inner and outer, are inextricably interwoven.





The Process of Awakening

The second is with the late Woods Elliott, my dear friend and co-creator of a Whole New World.  It’s from a teleseries called Awaken the whole New Human, in 2011.  We are exploring the process of awakening and the deep discovery conversations we practiced regularly as a form of consciousness practice and inquiry. We touch on many skills that are necessary for this co-creative discovery process which enables each person to connect with and speak from their deepest voice. This is an important aspect of Tribe in Transition which I will be offering over the coming months.




Books and e-books

You may enjoy these two introductory e-books

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A selection of the blog posts introducing you to some of the themes we explored at A Whole New World (the previous incarnation of Tribe in Transition) as we chronicled this time of transition from the old world to the new.

Follow Your Soul and Live the Wisdom

Based on my own Soul Journey and following the call of my Soul Work, these guidelines are intended to inspire, encourage and provide you with food for thought.