Soul Sanctuary Circles

Welcome to the Soul Sanctuary Circles

Imagine how liberating it could be to be part of a group of people who are developing a common language by learning together how to put words to the ever more subtle experiences of the inner world of transition, transformation and the soul journey

The mission of Tribe in Transition is to contribute to the renewal and ensouling of our world through bringing together learning communities that nurture higher states of consciousness and creativity.

Each month I will be publishing materials exploring the themes of psycho-spiritual transition, the process of transformation, creative empowerment, new culture making, and more. These Soul Sanctuary Circles are small groups where you can explore your own experiences of these themes and connect more deeply with your authentic truth, your soul inspired wisdom and your courage.


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Join a Soul Sanctuary Circle in December 2017

Thursday December 21st 4pm GMT

Theme: Sitting with Death 

As the Winter Solstice, at the turning point back towards the light, what better time to sit together in sacred space, to contemplate what we are ready to let go, so that we may move with confidence into creating the new.

Thursday 4th January 7pm GMT

Friday 5th January 9am GMT

Theme: Choosing Life

When the New Year is still fresh, what better time to come together to set intentions and to explore what it really means to choose life.


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When we come together with the intention to speak authentically and find a common language and common meanings for our experience, we co-create a charged, energetic field of consciousness from which  a collective wisdom emerges. The experience of being deeply heard and received can transform despair or frustration into hope, excitement and inspired action.


“This simple act of conversation is perfect for exploring the art and science of collective intelligence and making the crucial shift from “me” to “we”. It can enable a movement from old paradigm styles of communication, which favour self-interest, competitiveness, dominance and duality, to the revolutionary realisation that we are each a cell in a living organism which is unfolding naturally into its next level of consciousness and evolution. When we realise experientially that we are part of one mind, one heart, one consciousness, one interdependent humanity and biosphere and that creative intelligence is available in every moment to emerge and act through us, we are transformed, and this transformation ripples through the individual, the group and, potentially, the culture at large.”  From Deep Discovery Conversations.