Sitting with Death and Choosing Life – Conversations on Loss

Join the conversation to explore how transforming life’s hardest challenges can awaken your wholeness and creative potential.

Sitting With Death: Series Two – Transforming Loss
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I am offering an online Soul Sanctuary Circle, providing a safe and intimate space in which you can find support as you explore your experiences of transforming loss. These will be small groups, so book your space now. 

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Join me for an exploration of:

  • What it means to grieve well and why grieving well is so important
  • How “sitting with death” can lead to new life
  • How you can develop the attitudes and skills to transform grief and loss and connect with your essential wholeness and creative power.

The Buddha’s story of enlightenment began when he first encountered ageing, sickness and death, and yours can too. The six people in these conversations show how we can learn to grieve our losses in healthy, life enhancing ways, even within a culture which is not typically friendly to grief or kind towards the expression of intense emotion. The transformation of consciousness is never an easy path. Our most painful challenges motivate us to dig deeper, beneath the surface of daily life, to find the opportunities for deep learning and psycho-spiritual growth that suffering offers. These challenging times can awaken us into our wholeness and higher potential and open us to the full range of our humanity, starting with kindness and compassion for the self.

I am very happy to offer you this FREE e-book containing six personal conversations exploring different aspects of loss. Loss is a normal, natural and inevitable part of every human life. It’s how we respond to our losses that makes or breaks us. The six people in these conversations show how:

  • When we approach life as an adventure of life-long learning, we keep opening to new vistas and possibilities;
  • Our most painful challenges can become a path of awakening;
  • Approaching life and death with trust trains the mind to be present in the moment and to accept, let go, and surrender to what is; then we can move forward on more solid ground, with kindness;
  • Recovering from a major trauma  can lead to a greater sense of connection and compassion;
  • Life is a journey of the soul, all our choices matter and all experiences can enrich us;
  • Approaching grief and loss consciously can awaken us into our wholeness and higher potential; open us to the full range of our humanity; and contribute to the healing and wholing of our world.

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