Sitting with Death and Choosing Life


This is a story of transformation.

It’s  very personal and at the same time a story for our time.


As much about choosing life as it is about grief and as much about creative freedom as it is about death. Rose tells how the deaths of her closest friend and then, six months later, her only brother, threw her into deep grief in which everything she valued seemed to have been stripped away. She tells how she moved through emptiness and despair, in a process she calls “bottoming out” and  then slowly, and with conscious intent every step of the way, made her ascent back into a new chapter of fully embodied, joyful life. It’s also the story of her brother, David, who broke through the stagnation caused by a lifetime’s low self esteem and creative disempowerment to claim his dream. Rose reveals untold riches within the apparent tragedy of death and loss, and discovers how death, as well as being a heartbreak, can also be a victory.

Through reading this book you may:

  • Gain fresh insights into your own grieving process and discover how your pain, confusion and feelings of isolation can be the keys to unlock your gifts and create a  more vibrant future.
  • Discover a language to name and express some of the most intense feelings and experiences of your grieving process and realise that feeling deeply is “normal”, “o.k” and a vital part of being  human.
  •  Recognise grieving fully is essential for well-being, and when you begin to co-operate with the process of transformation rather than resisting it your innate wisdom will carry you forward toward renewed energy and passion for life.
  • Be reassured that even though there will be times when you simply don’t recognise yourself, paradoxically, it is when you feel at your most vulnerable, that you start to contact your real strength.


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