Conversations – The Sitting with Death and Choosing Life *Series One* Grieving Well


Six recorded conversations with healing professionals who have in depth experience of facing and transforming grief and loss.



Rose has drawn on her own recent grieving process and a lifetime’s experience as a whole person therapist, meditator, transformational educator and author, to bring  together a series of  recorded conversations with friends and colleagues, who have in depth experience of facing and transforming grief and loss.

These are intended to stimulate thought, feeling and reflection so that you can discover the authentic truth within your own experience and find support, encouragement and inspiration.

This is an invitation to join an exploration of:

  • What it means to grieve well and why grieving well is so important
  • How “sitting with death” can lead to new life
  • And how you can develop the attitudes and skills to transform grief to connect with your essential wholeness and creative power.

Even if you are normally a highly skilled and resourceful person, someone who serves and leads others, in grief we are always beginners and, where you are used to being empowered, you may now find yourself floundering. When loss takes your life apart and strips you to the bone, it’s quite common to feel at the mercy of a scary, heart-breaking and all-consuming process, for which you are completely unprepared.

In our current state of global upheaval there is a pervasive state of loss which encompasses the loss of nature, of any sense of stability, and sometimes of hope itself. We are in an epidemic of unprocessed grief which is undermining our health, our communities and our ability to act creatively to bring about positive change.

This is a story of transformation. Whether death comes in the form of losing a loved one, facing our own mortality through ageing or ill health, or allowing ourselves to feel the impact of the ecological and humanitarian crises in our world, when death invites us into a greater intimacy with the darker, shadow side of human nature – our own and that of our species – if we do not shy away, we may open to the gifts and unknown mysteries of being human. Entering the unknown may be scary because it requires us to leave behind our old ideas of who we are and how life works yet, as we develop strength and learn to live in the moment – here and now – a new trust and spaciousness arises. It is in this trusting space that the possibilities for new life may be gathered.   – From the e-book, Sitting with Death and Choosing Life


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